IN THE BEGINNING, one plumber enjoyed troubleshooting plumbing problems. The thrill of providing creative solutions and handling repairs to a group of customers was gratifying. The simple principle of doing what it takes to do the job right, and exceeding customer expectations was the foundation of this young entrepreneur.

THIS ONE PLUMBER ~~ Mickey Nasseff.

AS DEMANDS for Mickey's service grew, he brought into the fold skilled craftsmen who mirrored his passion. As Nasseff Mechanical grew, office personnel were added to the team. Each new office team member not only had a passion for their administrative skills, but a passion to assure customer expectations were exceeded.

TODAY, Nasseff customers are the focus of every Nasseff team member from the field to the office. What pleases a customer's unique, individual needs is our focus. Nothing fancy, just a simple principle that started with Mickey Nasseff and is clearly evident today with one exception...

...Nasseff employees are "redefining mechanical service."