Nasseff Mechanical is committed to making commercial buildings a part of the energy conservation solution. By working with building management, our energy audits have proven to identify building inefficiencies and energy reduction opportunities.

Commercial buildings are the biggest offender of our environment from an energy efficiency standpoint. Buildings generate 48% of the U.S. greenhouse gas omissions which is much higher than the 27% produced by the transportation industry. Also, buildings use 75% of the nation's electricity. Nasseff takes pride in leading building/facility management to responsibly reduce these percentages, while improving building operational conditions.

  • Equipment Analysis
  • Billing History Analysis
  • Analysis of Energy Consumption Patterns
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Information on Qualifying Equipment Rebates and Incentive Programs
  • Recommendations for Off-Peak Strategies and Systems
  • Written Cost-Savings Recommendations
  • Stipulated Cost Savings for Installing New, High-Efficiency Equipment
  • Partner with Building Engineers to Obtain Their Environmental and Operational Excellence Goals
  • Emergency Service 24/7 - Phone 651.777.0001